Welcome to i3 Technologies

(CIN: U31500DL2015PTC279823)


i3 Technologies was started by a group of entrepreneurs with a mission of creating a Green Society and bring together people  to use smarter and eco-friendly transport system, helping them to learn and create the new technology for the welfare of the society.


i3 Technologies is an environmentally- conscious group.



A new business model for a changing world


Pollution, climate change and altered ecosystems on a global level are the consequence of increasing technological development. There is a growing demand in the world for a future which establishes a new balance between the need for economic growth and a now indispensable policy of environmental protection.


In the last few years, awareness of this urgency has been growing even among the large national and international institutions, and initiatives aimed at providing a rapid precise response have been multiplying. The world community demands solutions from technology, and a market which is able to combine responsibility with efficiency, in other words a new way of interpreting business to transform a vision into a concrete production model and contribute towards building the world we want to live in.


New opportunities stem from this philosophy: today businesses linked to the field of environmental problems are becoming one of the driving sectors of the global economy.


Its consolidated know- how that we contributed towards providing concrete solutions to the need for a new concept in mobility, by improving eco-friendly fuels and perfecting systems: environmental protection, energy conservation, independence from petroleum, especially for developing countries, and a chance for motorists to cut costs significantly. Today, i3 Technologies is the “STATE OF THE ART” in the sector, it has come up with innovative ideas about going green.






The idea of the i3 Technologies training center for in-house staff and installers, but above all a place where the scientific community can meet and discuss the important subjects of sustainable mobility and environmental protection. It is a high-profile company training center oriented towards research and innovation in the sectors of technology, and market strategies. This fits in with the reasoning behind i3 Technologies ethical choices and value system, which is directed towards social responsibility and commitment to improving the common well-being.


We also aim to educate men, women and trans-gender in various areas so that unemployment can be abolished from the society.





–Our mission is to improve the environmental conditions by encouraging the use of alternative fuels for motor propulsion that are cheaper and respectable to the environment.




–Our vision is to promote the use of modern and advance systems in order to combat environmental changes and to improve the quality of life.


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